Why, oh why did MindMeister break their app causing it to no longer work on my iPhone 11 (OS17.3.1)?

Travis Meadors
Travis Meadors EN Basic Posts: 4 New Here

MindMeister used to work well enough on my iPhone 11 despite its quirks and glitches. While it works okay on my laptop, it now errors out on my iPhone every single time I try to use it (and yes, I've updated and then removed & reloaded the app from & to my iPhone and restarted said device multiple times), making the app virtually useless since one's phone is the typical interface during a work-day. Why, oh why did MindMeister screw this up and why, oh why haven't they fixed it? Did they bleed talent or otherwise downsize recently? Inexplicable if they want to keep their customer base. Anyone know what's going on with them?


  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey Travis,

    Sorry to hear you're facing so many issues.

    Since you've tried all the standard troubleshooting, please feel free to reach out to MindMeister support so we can investigate this for you more thoroughly.