The Export to Powerpoint Option shows Empty Slides, without content? how to solve?

Wise Dezine
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The Export to Powerpoint option shows empty Slides no content in the slides? is it a bug or what? how to solve it? please help? Extremely Disappointed from export features? Nor in word, Nor in PDF< nor in powerpoint export function works properly?


  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @Wise Dezine ,

    there is an easy solution to this: Just copy & paste the text from your notes into the idea branch. It needs to show up on the map as a topic. To to this:

    1. Open your note.
    2. Copy the text.
    3. Close the note.
    4. Click on the blue plus icon next to "Leadership & Culture".
    5. Copy the text into the map.
    6. Export the map again and check if the text shows up in the PowerPoint.

    I hope this helps. The text from the map's note usually shows up in PowerPoints' speaker notes, but it seems to me that you wish for them to be on the PowerPoint slide. Therefore I recommend putting the text on the mind map.