Can you link to other nodes in the same map?

Dorian Cussen
Dorian Cussen EN Basic Posts: 5 Beginner

Hello, is there a way to link to other nodes in the same map? I find I often has two children in different branches for which I want to link one to another as one may contain lots of descriptive detail which I don't want to repeat.

The only options available at present are:

1. The "connection" option, which draws a line between two nodes in different branches, which will not be visible unless the linked-to node is expanded/visible itself
2. The "copy link" option, which works but will open a new mindmap for every navigation performed using this link, which is not ideal.

Being able to link to another node in the same map without opening a new browser tab every time you click on the link would be very useful to me, as of course much knowledge and relationships between concepts will have links between the branches that may exist in a traditional mindmap.

Many thanks