What happened to Freemind export?

Matt Barr
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We use Mindmeister for designing some trees and mindmaps. We rely on exporting that work into an open format (Freemind) for use in other parts of our workflow.

Unfortunately, we noticed today that the Freemind (*.mm) file export option seems to have disappeared. This is somewhat catastrophic for our use of the software; we picked Mindmeister because it exported to that format. Is that temporary or is it coming back?

We may have to discontinue usage if this doesn't return and use another tool.

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    Hi @Matt Barr ,

    thanks for reaching out. I'm really sorry you've had trouble with the exporting option. The good news is that the issue has been fixed, and the Freemind option is available again.

    I'd love to understand more about how you use the Freemind format in your workflow. What are you able to do with Freemind that you find challenging with MindMeister?