If I remove a member from my team, what would happen to his/her files?

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One of our member resign from our team and I'd like to remove her from the team and give the license seat to another person. What would happen to his/her files (maps) in terms of ownership and access?

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    Hi @Alfi Machfud ,

    that's a really good question, I am glad that you asked :) A good offboarding prevents a lot of headaches later on.

    Step 1: Take care of all mind maps

    You'll need to ensure that any admin rights and access privileges are properly taken care of so that you don't lose access to any mind maps.

    To ensure proper transfer of access rights and admin privileges, follow these steps:

    • If the departing team member is the administrator of any shared mind map, be sure to duplicate the mind map to take over responsibility and ownership.
    • Share and Edit/add roles and permissions to the new mind maps to ensure that all contributors can effectively work and manage the mind map.

    Step 2: Disable Your Colleague's Account

    Once you've reassigned the departing team member's responsibilities, you can Disable your team member from the My Team section of Accounts. This will also free up one of your licenses. To disable a team member: 

    1. Visit the My Team section in Accounts (only for team administrators).
    2. Hover your mouse over a team member's name.
    3. Click the more options (...) icon which appears to the right of your team member's name.
    4. Select Disable. This will also free up any licenses used by the removed team member.

    Please note the difference between disabling vs. removing a team member:

    • Disabling a colleague will allow you to maintain control over the departing team member's account. The user will be unable to access their account.
    • Removing a team member will completely separate their account from your team. Removed users can maintain access to their account and their maps, and join other teams.

    I hope this answers your question.