Invite people to the project to work on

Antoniy T
Antoniy T EN Basic Posts: 1 Beginner

Hi all! Currently I am working on Basic plan and need to invite people to work together on one project out of 3 available.

Once I send out the invitation link of this particular project and they accept it the become the part of the team and they are capable to review all 3 projects?

Is it possible to adjust the access only to the 1 project?

Many thank in advance!


  • Cornelia_is_OutOfOffice Patscheider
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    Hi @Antoniy T , 👋

    are you asking about projects in MeisterTask OR mind maps in MindMeister? It sounds like you are talking about MeisterTask, but you posted this question in the MindMeister community, so I wanted to double-check.

    If you want to invite other people to a project in MeisterTask (and you are on the Basic plan), then you need to invite them to your team. All team members see and can access the 3 projects that are available to the team. So yes, they will all be capable of seeing all 3 projects.

    Regarding your question "Is it possible to adjust the access to only 1 project?": Yes, that is possible. If you upgrade to the Pro or Business plan you will have access to feature called Private Projects. That means, that you can set the other two projects to private. On the basic plan the adjustment is not possible.