Is it possible to assign tasks of the checklist to different specific team members?

Stephanie Heid
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Some Tasks contain different small tasks which are created as a check list. Responsibility of the task is one person. But the small tasks listet in the checklist are assigned to different team members. Is it possible to assign different bullet points of the check list to specific team members and they get informed about their tasks? Or do I have to create a seperate task with dependency?

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    Hi @Stephanie Heid!

    Yes, it is possible to assign checklist items in a task to different team members. This sort of lets you assign sub-tasks as part of a wider task. Assignees will be notified that they have been assigned an item from a task. They can check it off once it has been completed.

    You can also use the checklists as a way of depicting the whole process that a task has to go through before completion. By doing this, you ensure that team members always know who to assign the task to next, after they have completed their own part. (See image below: Once Nicole has completed her part, she will check it off and assign the task to Lena, passing on the responsibility).

    The topic of checklist items and sub-tasks is a very lively one in our Community. I'll link some discussions you might find of interest below:

    Finally, we have some experts (@Andres D'Andrea, @Michael Heil, @Panhuber) on the topic who might be able to add further suggestions and insights.

    Hope this helps!




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    The comments made by @Miša already sums it up pretty well.

    We certainly have used the trick of mentioning users in checklist items ourselves several times, it's a good one.

    Have a great day, let ut know in case you have more questions @Stephanie Heid 😀

    Best regards.

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