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Construction is complicated by nature: a wide variety of stakeholders have to be involved to ensure project objectives are met, and structures are safe. For instance, beyond the client and main contractor, designers, architects, sub-contractors, project employees, suppliers, government authorities, and local residents will likely also be involved 😫. Read on to find out how MindMeister can help project managers coordinate all these individuals!

@Zsuzsanna Kensell created this template to demonstrate the value of MindMeister in simplifying something complex 🤯. The org chart includes the roles and contact details of each stakeholder, their availability and other important details for discussion 🗣. The org chart is an ideal reference document for project managers reaching out to stakeholders as it provides them with all the key information necessary for a productive meeting 💪.

Mind Map Highlights

Using Levels for Supplementary Information

This org chart is split into the different stakeholders in construction: client, main contractor, designers, architects, sub-contractors, project employees, suppliers, government authorities and local residents. Below each of these broad roles are the details of the relevant individuals. For instance, below the Main Contractor, you can see the main point of contact, the project manager and the assistant. Each of these topics includes the individual's email address and phone number. Further, below the main point of contact, project manager, and assistant topics are topics for availability and important details.

This structure allows for a clear and comprehensive document of important information. It is especially useful for complex projects with multiple stakeholders. The org chart can be shared with all stakeholders so they can easily access key information independently. 

Adding Links for Extra Context

Zsuzsi has linked to other websites in the org chart, allowing for a seamless transition between the chart and further details. This is important when so many stakeholders are involved because it helps you gain a stronger overview of each stakeholder by providing context. For example, linking to the client's website in the topic below makes it easier to understand the client and their needs. Notably, the linked website opens in another tab when clicked, facilitating a quick switch back to MindMeister. 

Link to Action Items in MeisterTask

Bidding is a critical process in construction projects as it allows project owners to consider their different options and choose the best ones. To help track progress on bids, Zsuzsi created a project board for the Three Clouds Home Project. Certain topics in the org chart link directly to the relevant tasks in the project board.

You can open the project board from these tasks, as shown in the image. This streamlines the bidding process and allows you to keep a clear overview from the stakeholder org chart. You can also see the due date and assignee so that you know when to reach out to whom. 

Check out this post for an in-depth look at Zsuzsi's bidding project board!

You can explore Zsuzsi's org chart here. If you've got questions or feedback, we'd love to hear in the comments below 😊.


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    @Miša Thanks for the info! 👍️

    The impossible does not exist! The solution has just not been found yet!

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    I like the structure of this org chart. I like how each level builds on the previous one - Sort of reminds me of the hiring org chart you posted!