Can I add two or more connections between two topics?

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is it possible to create two or more connections between the same two topics with different labels? I could not find an option for it.

Thanks for the help.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Nora - welcome to the community! 👋

    I just tested this out and saw that it is indeed possible to create two connections between the same topic, but only if each connection "begins" from the other topic (i.e. you'll have to create one connection from each topic).

    You can also change the icons beginning/end icon of each connection to different icons if you prefer to not use the directional arrows.

    I hope this helps - it request sounds like it comes from a very interesting use case! Would you mind telling us more about how you'd like to use multiple connections? From just trying it out now, it seemed to me that creating two connections between the same two topics made things pretty cluttered in my map.




  • Nora
    Nora EN Basic Posts: 2 Beginner

    Hello Andrew,

    thank you for the help.

    I tried to visualize a work process which is " a bit chaotic". Mindmeister should help to explain the problem. A cumbersome workflow leads to a cluttered map, and that is exactly what I need to depict my point.

    Actually, I need a lot more connections🙈, but two are way better than one. Thanks again.

  • JoiedeVivre
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    I second this request! The ability to have many connections between two topics can be useful for more "flow-chart" style maps.

  • Olaf Roeb
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    Hi @Nora and @JoiedeVivre , nice to meet you since we did not so far,

    I had another use case some weeks ago, trying to connect translated terms in two (or more) languages and enrich them with examples of sentences. Each connection should carry an example. Language-referring maps might generally profit from multiple connections since it is the task of a Verb to connect a subject to an object by specifying the subject's activity and intention toward the object. And it would not be a rare case that one subject executes/plans several activities or caries several thoughts and feelings towards the same object, if you think project, production or designe contexts.

    Visualizing such multi-dimensional subject-object relations would, from my perspective, be estimated as a regularly used and important feature of mind mapping in general. What do you think?