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Elias Z
Elias Z MT Tester, EN Pro Posts: 9 Beginner

Hi everyone,

I realize that Meistertask is a kanban project management, but I think it would benefit from having a list view of tasks, especially in the Agenda. The kanban view is great for organizing tasks and seeing where they are in the workflow, but once that's done, I know I would prefer to just be able to visualize the tasks that need to be done. Something similar to the Reports format would be a great start.

Curious about what you guys think.

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  • Liam Moser
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    Is this not possible with the my task widget on the left of agenda? i can see a list of all tasks assigned to me in order of due date. then i have my agenda sections as days of the week and drag the tasks across to the different days so i know when i should tackle them.

    did you mean some other sort of list view?


  • Elias Z
    Elias Z MT Tester, EN Pro Posts: 9 Beginner

    Thanks for your response!

    I have a similar setup. My issue is that once I've organized my tasks in the Agenda, I only need to focus on the tasks from one column (the current day of the week in your example) which means that most of the time, 4/5 of my screen is not relevant to the work I have to do. With a list view, my relevant tasks would be at the top, I could see more of them, and future tasks would be mostly off screen.

    I know this might not work for everyone's workflow, but for me, the point of being productive is being able to focus on the tasks at hand, without having a full screen of tasks that don't need to be tackled yet.

    Asana's list view is a good example of what I envision, except that it doesn't give you the option to order tasks as well as the Agenda does.

  • Miša Hennin
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    edited December 2022

    Hey @eliasz and welcome to the Community!

    You've made a good point here on the use of space. I thought you might be interested in this discussion about MeisterTask design. @Rooster McNugget and @Jörg Koper discuss similar issues with the Dashboard, i.e. that the space isn't utilized very well and could be better.

    Thanks for the extra info + example!



  • Matthias
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    Hi everybody,

    The possibility to see all the tasks or those filtered and grouped along selected criteria is a must-have for a web-based/cloud-based task management solution in my view. So, I would appreciate it if I could switch between Kanban and list views.

  • geoffb
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    I understand bulk importing of tasks, but that requires building a list externally. However, a native list view would also allow for rapid task creation. One of Asana's (take your pick really - Asana, Wrike, ClickUp, Monday etc) features is rapid creation of tasks - think outlining or brainstorming. Any chance that's on the roadmap?

  • Admin BSF.company
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    Hello @geoffb, welcome to the Community!

    Your idea sounds interesting, I recommend you to write a feature request of that idea in your words, and submit it using the following button:


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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @geoffb,

    You might find this thread useful, especially @Andrew Lapidus' comment on bulk task creation (although his top tip relies on having an existing list).



  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi all 👋,

    I just wanted to keep you updated that List View has been added to the roadmap. At the moment the Meister Team is planning to add List View to the projects view. For more information please follow this thread:

    A list view in the Agenda is outside the scope of this feature, but if anything changes, then I'll let you know.