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This work breakdown structure (WBS) gives an overview of an entire construction project by splitting it up into smaller, more manageable steps. A WBS primarily helps project managers visualize the entirety of their project, and the tasks they have to complete. However, the WBS can also be shared with stakeholders so that they too can gain an overview, and understand how their work in the project fits into the bigger picture. Though this WBS is for a construction project, the same ideas can be applied to projects in any industry. 

The structure @Zsuzsanna Kensell has chosen shows a logical and chronological workflow. You can see how the map moves through four key phases from left to right: Planning, Execution, Control and Closeout.

Each of these four overarching phases are broken down into smaller projects below. For some flows, the order shows dependencies (see below). This means that each phase has to be successfully completed before the one below is begun. However, you could also rearrange the WBS to organize it by teams (i.e. responsible stakeholders). 

The Meister Suite can be used to streamline the project: Every topic can be turned into a MeisterTask task in which you can monitor time and resources in more detail. Alternatively, you can link certain topics to corresponding accepted bids in a bidding board. This way, you can click on the linked task and immediately see the relevant details of the chosen electrician. Important documents can be stored in MeisterNote and linked to the WBS mind map. For example, documents such as Scope and Permits from the Planning phase can safely be stored in MeisterNote and linked to in the topic.

To maintain a stronger overview of the extensive and complex project, you can color code the topics according to progress. For example, blue topics could mean "To do", orange "In progress" and green "Done". 

You can explore Zsuzsi's mind map here. If you've got questions or feedback, I'd love to hear in the comments below 😊.


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    Hi @Miša

    Wow! Thats a great mind WBS!

    Haven't use MindMeister before but I think I should try it out now... 😊 I love the function turn topic into a MeisterTask. I didn't know it's possible.



    The impossible does not exist! The solution has just not been found yet!

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    Hey @Rooster McNugget,

    I'm glad you like the WBS!

    Let me know if you have any questions or need some tips/ advice. I'll be happy to help and I'm excited you're going to try out MindMeister!