Has anyone else lost all links to other maps from main map?

Shankar Nathan
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i hadn't opened my maps in a while (7-8 months) - now all my 'master' maps - that have links to other mind maps no longer work.

Prob has something to do with the upgrade to the new MindMeister. One step forward, two steps back guys.

You gotta keep backward compatibility!


  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey and welcome to the Community!

    With the latest update, the team changed the way you can link to another mind map. Instead of how it used to be, you have to now add a topic and put the link inside.

    Feel free to add this as a feature request, you're probably not the only one missing the old way!



  • Tarlochan Gill
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    This is really poor showing by MindMeister.

    The upgrade for the most part, has been painful and pointless from a user experience.

    A number of features seemed to have gotten lost in the "upgrade". The tool is still good. But it created pain, and I lost some respect for it. If there was an alternative version, I would have jumped ship. Lucky for Meister team, there isn't.

    (big disappointing sad face)

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Shankar Nathan and @TC - sorry for the headache here. @Miša and I just spoke and would really like to get to the bottom of this issue and make sure we fully understand the problem. If the links you've attached to maps in the old editor no longer work (or disappear) when the map is converted to the new editor, that's definitely unintended behavior and is likely a bug.

    I opened the old editor on our developers' staging server to test this out - I converted a map (which included links) to the new editor, and the links seemed to be transferred over without issue:

    Can you confirm that this was not the case for your maps, and that links were lost? If yes, that's certainly a bug and we'll definitely take more steps with our developers to investigate.



  • Shankar Nathan
    Shankar Nathan EN Basic Posts: 12 Beginner


    The way I (and likely others) used to do it was to use the feature 'Link to other Map' (not sure of exact verbiage) in our 'master' maps. So, we'd have something like a landing page map or Table of Contents Map that we'd open first to launch other maps from.

    It seems like you have now made it necessary to use the 'Attach Link' (not sure of exact words used) and copy a link from the map to be linked to - it is an extremely clunky workflow and the UX also does not show a thumnail of the linked map. One has to click twice to get to the 'attached link'.

    I am overseas right now and get back to the States early Feb. We can set up a call to discuss further if you'd ike. This is definitely a bug as there is major functionality loss and backward compatibility has been broken.