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Welcome to the Meister Community! 🥳 We can't wait to get started, but first we'll have to take care of a bit of housekeeping 🧹.

Our mission is to create a friendly space for Meister users to find solutions to their problems, discuss tips and inspiration, and share product feedback. We'll do our best to keep things on track, but we need your help along the way. Follow the guidelines below to keep the community a safe, supportive and inspiring place :D

💡Remember:💡 your participation in the community is subject to these guidelines and our Terms of Use. Posts in violation of these terms may be deleted. Major infractions will lead to an immediate ban.

Rule 1: Keep it Kind 💞

  • We all come to this community with different skill levels and strengths - be respectful of other users' issues. There are no dumb questions!
  • Healthy disagreement and criticism is encouraged! But please, be understanding of other opinions and feedback.
  • Any harassment or hateful conduct and malicious behavior, including discrimination, hate speech, hazing, bullying, or targeted attacks will not be tolerated.

Rule 2: Keep it Relevant 👊

  • The Meister Community is a space for sharing knowledge about collaboration, productivity and the Meister Suite. If you'd rather discuss movies, politics or German literary movements of the 19th century, a moderator might kindly direct you to a different forum ;-)
  • Commercial advertising or overt self-promotion is only allowed with the express permission of MeisterLabs. If you're interested in promoting your services, please contact an admin.
  • Everything you post is public, so please don't share any private information about yourself or others!
  • Don't be a bully - hijacking, spamming and scamming other users' posts will not be tolerated.

Rule 3: Keep it Clean 🧽

  • This one goes without saying: Inappropriate (NSFW) content of an obscene or graphic nature will be removed immediately.
  • Everyone loves a passionate opinion, but go easy on the salty language - otherwise your **** post might get censored.

Rule 4: Keep it Original 🧠

  • Please only post your own content! When linking to other materials or quoting another user, be sure to give credit! :)
  • Serious infractions (stealing others' work) could be considered a copyright violation or theft of intellectual property! Let's not go there.
  • We've all got some sort of an online avatar, but please don't impersonate other users or misrepresent yourself.

Rule 5: Keep it Fun! 🎉

  • In sum: Have fun, enjoy yourself, and use common sense when posting ;-)


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