Why don't expanded branches match the current state when printing or exporting?

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I want to print or export a map with a certain configuration between closed and expanded branches but when I print it, it does not reflect the current state. It has some branches open and other closed. I think it reflects some random previous configuration.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @robertodepinho - welcome to the community!

    Sorry for this issue - I think it might be related to an problem described in this thread: https://community.meister.co/discussion/562/how-to-disable-auto-expand-when-entering-a-map#latest

    It seems that there might be a current bug which is preventing expand/collapse changes made using the right-click "show details" menu from saving. Could you try expanding and collapsing branches manually by clicking the branches you'd like to expand/collapse? If you have a lot of branches, you can select all and press the spacebar to toggle whether the branches are expanded or collapsed.

    Let me know if changes made manually are saved for your export!