What to do? Part of my mindmap just disappeared

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for a school project I made a big mind map, and just suddenly one side of the map is completely gone and in the map history I also can not find it back :(

I need to get that side back but I don't know how, is there anyone who can help me with this?

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    Ah, I feel your grief. I had a similar experience with a work project. Ultimately just had to rebuild it. Usually the undo button brings stuff back, but not always, or not if you wait too long.

    I don't have an answer, but I do have two preventative tips that I've realized since my experience that are worth being mindful of.

    1) Watch for a little gray box at the bottom of your screen that says the software is having an error registering the data you're inputting. I forget exactly what it says, but if you see this, IT WILL LET YOU KEEP WORKING, but won't remember what you put in. Essentially like an offline mode. When you see it, refresh your map. You may lose some of the most recent inputs, but at least you'll be re-synced. This error seems to happen when I try to move large amounts of data at once, or depending on my connection.

    2) Consider sub-mapping your content more often. Even if you don't "have" to, if you break some of your branches into their own maps, it reduces the scope of how much the memory lapse effects. Since you're on a smaller map specific to that branch, that may make it easier for the software to "retain" input. That's speaking from a psychological standpoint; I don't know if cognitive load is really a factor for this software or not.

    If you have questions on either tip, feel free to reply.