How can I add a custom color to a theme pallete?

Ken Theriot
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I really one of the themes and want that for my mind map. but I want to be able to color certain bubbles with a very specific red color.

I can change the color of a shape by clicking on the 3 dots on a bubble, then Style > Shape. There are 13 colors in the pallet I can use to quickly change the color. But it I want a different color, I have to click on the (more colors), and type in (paste) the color hex code I want. And then, and only then can I have the exact right color.

But there is no way to add that color to the pallete and replace (or just add to) one of the 13 colors already there, most of which I don't care about.

So when building my very large map, every time I wanted to change a color, I'd have to go through all the steps of clicking the 3 dots, then >, then find my hex code and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it in. That is CRAZY. But it's what I had to do.

I've asked about this before but I always get the digital shoulder shrug from support saying something like "but that color is not in the theme?" Well, OK. But then why give me the option of adding my own color at all then? If you're going to give me an option to do that, why not let me add that color to the pallete? And if that would somehow mess up the default theme, then I'd say there is a problem with how themes are applied. Or let me create a different "theme" based on the theme they created.

Has anyone else dealt with this? And maybe come up with a quicker way to alter the color of a bubble to a specific color than what I'm having to do?

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @KenRyan - was just about to jump in on this thread! Sorry for the headache here. @JoiedeVivre is right — fully customizable themes are currently planned for a future release. You can stay updated on its progress/leave an upvote in this thread:

    In the meantime, you can quickly save and mass edit the colors of text using the "paste style" shortcut (CTRL + OPTION + V [Windows] or CMD + OPTION + V [MacOS]), as in this example:

    As @kjones mentioned, you can then leave another "reference topic" in your map to quickly copy/paste the exact color you'd like.

    I know it's not the ideal solution, but I hope this can help save you a bit of time until custom themes are released! Please let us know if you've got any more questions.