Does Mindmeister work at the Apple Watch?

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  • Richard Vitaris
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    To my surprise, there is a MindMeister app available for the Apple Watch. This is shown in the Apple Watch app for the iPhone which is how Apple Watch users manage their Apple Watch settings. I loaded it and the MindMeister app indeed appears on my Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the app would not open.

    I have not bothered to submit a support request on this because I think that the screen size of the Apple Watch is so small that, as a practical matter, viewing a mind map would be cumbersome and creating or editing a mind map would be very difficult if not impossible. Still, it would be nice to be able to view a map on an Apple Watch in a pinch.

    Given the other things on their roadmap, I would not give fixing the Apple Watch app a high priority although it might be nice to have.


  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @rap , thanks for reaching out! And thanks @Rvitaris for your input — definitely agree with your assessment. MindMeister has definitely experimented with Apple Watch functionality, especially during the early popularity of Smart Watches in the 2010's — the MindMeister Apple Watch App is still available and uses a functionality nicknamed "Geistesblitz" (A German word meaning "flash of inspiration") to quickly add a topic to an existing mind map. However, I think @Rvitaris his the nail on the head: it's hard to get an overview of a mind map on the small watch screen, so usage has been quite low!

    I've let our developers know about this bug with the Apple Watch App (I was able to reproduce it on my end as well). I'll keep you both updated in this thread, but as Rich said, please keep in mind that with the other huge steps coming up on our road map, we'll probably have to wait a while to get this issue addressed. Thanks for your patience!



  • Rap P
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    @Andrew Lapidus - Thank you for the answer.

    - Mindnoede has an application on Apple Watch.

    Actually, it works very easily.

    Provides efficiency throughout the day.

    Not bad.

    -ElesBlitz does not work at Apple Watch.

    - One last question: Do you have a widget plan on iPhone and iPad?

  • Jozsef Mrakovics
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    I also used my Apple Watch years ago, for adding ideas and thoughts to my mind maps. Now I tried it several times, but it doesn't work anymore. I also deleted MindMeister several times and reinstalled it on my Apple Watch, but the app won't open on my watch.

    Adding “Geisteblitze” via Apple watch would be very helpful for me on the go.
    How could I use this feature again?
    I would be very grateful for your help.

    Best Regards, osef

  • Jozsef Mrakovics
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    ….I have the newest software version on my Watch and on my iPhone as well.