MeisterHacks: Using a "fill in the blank" by hand template to gently introduce people to MM

Richard Vitaris
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From time to time we may want to use a mind map in meetings with non-mind mappers, many of whom have never even heard of the mind map. Some of them will be tech-averse, and might be put off even at the suggestion of using software (or its web-based equivalent) with which they are unfamiliar.

I will prepare a blank mind map template on a plain piece of paper and give it to them suggesting they "fill in the blanks." Here is example that I use in mediations. The map asks a litigant to identify the potential outcomes if he wins, loses, or settles his court case.

I will later type in their responses into MindMeister and give them a PDF copy of the map along with the MindMeister site, telling them that they can sign up for a free account if they wish to view or make additions or changes to the map.

At the least, this "hack" gives them the information they need and some of the benefits of a mind map. At best, it introduces of them to mind mapping.


  • Emily
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    Love this insight @Rvitaris - The principle behind this post is so important to remember!

    In my experience, when I'm so used to working and interacting with experienced mind mappers, it can be a jarring change to suddenly be face-to-face with a new audience who have never heard of mind mapping and therefore have zero initial buy-in for the concept. I'm not involved in law, but have found this to sometimes be the case for my university students, many of whom have either never heard of mind mapping or associate it with very simple primary school outlines. Starting things off with a template is hugely important!

    Thanks and best regards