Android Mindmeister app problems

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Is the new Mindmeister (Project Panda) live on the current Android app?

My GUI seems to look different to all the marketing on your site.

Also, when I open a specific mindmap (doesn't happen on other maps), when I click on the topic style button, and then scroll down to Map Theme, the app crashes and comes back to the Recent maps page.

The android app also does not show the folders I have created via the Web browser.

I would also like to know if there is an easy way to move items from one branch of a map to another. When you have a lot of branches, it can take forever to hold and drag to another side of the map.

To recap:

1. Is Android using the new mindmap engine?

2. How do I overcome the app crashing when I try to change map theme?

3. How can I see folders on android app?

4. How do I move topics easily without the really fiddley drag and drop. Surely you have a move button?

Many thanks



  • Emily
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    I don;t have an android but i'm guessing it's the same for android and iphone. at the moment, the newest version of mindmeister is view-only in the app, you can use it properly on the web. you can, however, edit your maps in the old version on the app.

    i hope this helps!

  • Emily
    Emily EN Pro Posts: 132 Star Contributor

    Also, it shouldn't be crashing when you're doing different things. I think I saw somewhere in the Community advice to delete and reinstall the app, and make sure it's up to date to fix any odd crashes etc.

    the other two questions i can't help with as i'm not an android user but hopefully someone else can!