I can not change password, password reset does not send the email.

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Hello people! I'm trying to change the password and I can't.

Access currently only by logging in through the GMail account.

I want to access by entering the email and password.

But I can't change the password, and I can't reset the password either, the email doesn't arrive in the inbox, in fact it doesn't arrive anywhere.

Can you help with this.

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  • Rooster McNugget
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    Hi @brunobho,

    and welcome in the community! 👋

    Do you use the same email address and password to log in to MeisterTask/MindMeister/MeisterNote as you use to log in to your GMail account? 

    Because if I remember correctly you have to use the same data for the login to MeisterTask (Meister Suite). If you want to change the password, you have to change the password of the GMail account, if I'm right.

    Best, Samuel

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