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Nate Ricker
Nate Ricker Member Posts: 5 Beginner
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Using Timeline only works with a single project. I want to be able to have multiple projects in a single gantt-chart.

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  • Richard
    Richard Member Posts: 23 Active Contributor

    Agreed! Limiting our timeline to a single project has caused our projects and tasks to get quite bloated - the point of a Gantt chart is to quickly oversee dependencies, but this becomes almost impossible without being able to quickly sort between projects.

  • gjung@unityambassadors.ch
    [email protected] Member Posts: 5 Beginner

    Yes, I agree toooo!

    We are a KMU and working with timeline. Our team members often work on different projects running at the same time. And in order to see, which working hours are available to avoid overlaps, it is essential to be able to see ALL projects of ONE team member in ONE timeline.

    Don't you think, this could be a very effective feature for your great product, that your customers will definitely want and appreciate? Do you?

    Best regards, Gabi

  • Thibaut
    Thibaut Member Posts: 2 Beginner

    Using timeline to handle a project has proven to be very effective, but as soon as two projects or more are to be taken care of at the same time, then begins a real come-and-go game. Once you're there, you need to go from project to project and memorize each timeline in order to synch them in your head.

    My Dashboard sits there, almost empty. Is there a way to use this space for such a feature ?

  • tgeorgom
    tgeorgom Member Posts: 2 Beginner
    edited December 2022

    Hi there,

    I like the timeline function, but it is limited to each project.

    Is it possible to visualise all projects to a general timeline? I wold like to know all activity by me or colleagues.

    Thank you in advane

  • tgeorgom
    tgeorgom Member Posts: 2 Beginner

    This is would be a nice overview of the projects, to use this space to visualize a monthly or weekly timeline.

    I would like to also see an "timeline" overview of all projects. A tab along the Dashboard, Agenda, Projects.

  • channing
    channing Member Posts: 13 Active Contributor

    I agree. A related function that might be easier to implement would be to report based on the scheduled date.