💡Feature Request: Cross-Project Timeline



  • Marlene Heinen
    Marlene Heinen DE Business Posts: 38 Active Contributor

    😥 My teams asks constantly for this feature.
    I don't think we can use the subtaskfeature for a cross-project timeline. Either we have tones of tasks in the timeline or 5 -10 big ongoing ones. By now, we don't even tried to use Meister for capacity planning.

  • Rooster McNugget
    Rooster McNugget MT Tester, DE Business Posts: 639 Community Leader

    I also would love to have this feature as soon as possible. It would safe me a lot of time with project planning.

    The impossible does not exist! The solution has just not been found yet!

  • Channing Kelly
    Channing Kelly EN Business Posts: 59 Star Contributor

    We all want the cross project timeline! Right now the scheduling field is nearly useless because there is no way to report on it, but perhaps an interim step could be to add "scheduled date" to the options under "date range" in the reports engine? At least with that you could run a report on the scheduled date. I don't much care if it shows in the pretty timeline thing, I just want some insight into the things I have planned to do today and tomorrow and this week across all my projects. Based on my (limited) coding experience if feels like that should not be as heavy a lift.

  • Zuza Hicks
    Zuza Hicks EN Business Posts: 1 New Here

    A cross-project timeline really is a crucial part of project management. Is there an update on if and when this will be implemented?