🤓 MeisterHacks: Create a Calendar in MeisterTask

Miša Hennin
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In this post we talked about creating a weekly plan in Agenda, but you can also

Although this leaves you with 12 sections, it gives you a strong overview of important events and campaigns throughout the year. MeisterTask is both easy to navigate and easy to edit. This means you'll always be able to quickly find what's in the pipeline, and move things around in response to unforeseen changes.

This would be particularly useful as a company-wide project, helping teams from all departments orientate themselves around the same key goals and dates. 

I'd love to hear your feedback below!


  • Lina
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    Hey, I like the look of this - as far as I understand, no tasks would actually be assigned in this example right? The board would just be used as a central reference point for key upcoming events?

    If you have a big company with many departments, how would you limit/ control the amount of tasks in each month? I'm sure each department would be a very keen advocate of their own projects and events being displayed.