[POTENTIAL BUG] Why do we have inaccurate Task Activity feeds?

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We are having a really weird bug where in the activity of our cards it's showing the card was moved into the same stage for every movement.

We are actually moving it through the stages of our process but it's saying it's in the same stage for every activity log.

Does anyone know why this is happening or is this a bug?


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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi all! Thanks so much for reaching out @optiononeshaun, and thanks for providing the detailed screenshots and explanations, @Andres D'Andrea! This seems to be an issue first reported in this thread, but we haven't yet heard back from the user - thanks to your guys' screenshots, I've now been able to duplicate the issue and have alerted our dev team! We'll get this worked out ASAP and keep you both updated here!




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    Hello @optiononeshaun welcome to the community!

    Yes, there's definitely something to be checked here because I was able to reproduce the issue in my account as well.

    As seen in the images below, I created a task in the column "Processing" and moved it progressively towards the end of my board, but the logs show only like it was moved inside one column:

    I'm sure @Andrew Lapidus will help us channel this one with the proper people.

    Thanks for the notice @optiononeshaun 👍


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    Thank you both! It's definitely making it hard to audit files. Hoping for a quick resolution. If I can provide any more details or feedback let me know. I enabled support access on my account as well.