Can Pro accounts still interact and assign tasks to people on my team with Basic accounts?

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If I upgrade to a Pro account, can I still interact and assign tasks on my projects to people on my team with a basic account.

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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @CD2023

    and welcome to the community from my side too 👋🙂

    @Rooster McNugget was absolutely right when he mentioned, that the features and the interactioins for team work are very limited for guests.

    Project guests can only access and edit tasks that have been assigned to them or in which they have been mentioned.

    Guests can:

    • add or edit a task description
    • Add attachments
    • Create checklist entrie
    • communicate with other staff members in the comments section
    • Assign tasks to other users
    • Mark tasks as completed

    Guests cannot:

    • see other tasks within the project
    • Add or remove observers
    • be added to user groups

    Effective team work is only possible, when you have the appropriate licences. If you want to interact with guests...especially foreign project should think about a business licence that includes roles and permissions.

    If you have any further questions feel free to contact us again.

    Best, Jörg

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  • Rooster McNugget
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    Hi @CD2023 and welcome to the community! 👋

    I would say yes you can. But I think the other people of your team are probably limited with the features and may can not interact the same way with you as you interact with them.

    But I'm really not sure about that. But here in the community is someone how knows it, for sure! 😉 Maybe @Andrew Lapidus, @Miša, @Andres D'Andrea and @Jörg Koper.

    Best, Samuel

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  • CD2023
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    @Rooster McNugget, thank you for the welcome and the assistance. I personally want some of the features that come with a "pro" account like Timeline, Collapse, Automations, and Integrations to better organize my work but only if I can still interact with those who are are using a "basic" account. We are a volunteer organization so upgrading would be something out of my own pocket so I don't want to do something that would cut me off from those who have a "basic" account.


  • Channing Kelly
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    @CD2023 one of the most limiting things I see about the guest access is that guests can't view things by project in the way full users can. They just see all their assigned tasks in the agenda and that makes it a little unwieldy in my opinion.