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Whats the difference between SHARING and PUBLISHING a mind map?

tjgarland Member Posts: 5 Beginner
edited February 10 in Ask the Community

I can see there's an option to SHARE my mindmap and this creates a shareable link.

I can also see there's an option to PUBLISH my mindmap which means it's visible on the Internet.

Can you explain the difference between these two options please?

The outcome I'm wanting to achieve is to share my mindmap with one other person and to create a shareable link which we can use to access our shared mindmap. Clicking on the link will take us to our shared mindmap and anyone else that clicks on the link won't have access as they've not been invited to the mindmap.

I don't want a link that ANYONE can see and/or access as we are recording personal / business information that is for our eyes only.

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