How to turn off register/ signup pop up when I invite members to a map by email?

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When I invit members by email to the team to access my map they all report being asked to either register or signup. I'm only looking to give them "view only" access meaning they can see and interact with the map but not change or create content.

Q: how can I turn this feature or notification off - it's very irritating.


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    Hello @TE Mindmap, welcome to the community!

    The invite members feature is usually employed when collaboration is needed. I mean, you might use it when you want other people to edit de mind map with you, that's why the platform requires account creation.

    Now, your use-case appears to require view-only access, so you might want to "Share" or "Publish" your mind map.

    I recently addressed the difference between sharing and publishing a mind map in this other post:

    To enable a sharable link, follow these steps:

    Go to the map settings

    Enable the sharable link

    Best regards.

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