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How to change my email? In the Me section of My account I don't have an option to do so

Maxence Member Posts: 2 New Here
edited February 16 in Ask the Community

I've followed the steps on how to change my email in the help centre, but my Me section simply doesn't look the same as in the guide. Below I've attached firstly how my Me section looks like compared to, secondly, what the article's Me section looks like. As you can see, they aren't the same. Can anyone help me change my email please?


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  • Andres D'Andrea
    Andres D'Andrea Member, International Partner, MT Tester Posts: 353 Community Leader
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    Hello @Maxence welcome to the community.

    When you signed up, did you use Google as the authentication method?

    In case of YES, you might need to go to the Services and Sessions tab:

    This other response by Andrew shows the complete explanation.

    Best regards.

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