💡 Feature Request: Accordion/Dropdown content block in MeisterNote

Nate Ricker
Nate Ricker Member Posts: 5 Beginner
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I really like how the comments feature allows for content to be accordion style. I just click the comments and additional information pops down.

Clearly so much effort when into designing this feature/animation - why can't this be it's own content block? I am creating an internal FAQ so this would be great.

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  • frank_astair
    frank_astair Member Posts: 10 Active Contributor

    yes, this would be helpful. What we are currently doing is that we create a "Table of Content" at the top of the page and link the blocks accordingly. It's not the same as the accordion style thingy, but helps with keeping the content clean and maintaining an overview

  • Til
    Til Member Posts: 6 Active Contributor

    It would be nice to have a toggle function for a drop-down section like meeting notes.

    Mark: all functions like headlines, markups, attached files, and hopeful databases, have to work in the drop-down block.

  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 412 Community Admin
    edited September 2022

    Hi @Til 👋 Thanks for the idea, and welcome to the community! :D

    I know that @Nate Ricker posted a similar request here for a drop-down content block - does this sound similar to what you'd like to request?

    I do think your point about keeping all functionality (headlines, files, etc.) within the dropdown an important point! Might also be great to add it to the other request.


  • Til
    Til Member Posts: 6 Active Contributor
    edited September 2022

    Hi @Andrew Lapidus ,

    it sounds similar - you are right.

    can be closed