How to Create Powerpoint Slides from Map view?

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I am new to this community, and I saw online that their used to be a task bar feature on the bottom of the map editor window where you could create slides for Powerpoint. I then saw another article that the NEW map editor doesn't have this feature available. Is there a way to get the old editor temporarily to be able to create slides? This was my primary motivation for buying this today... and now it appears I may be out of luck until they release the PowerPoint functionality - maybe Q1 2023, which would be now....

I am not interested in the Export to Powerpoint to get bulleted slides... I am looking for slides that display the map, or make the map interactive like in my broswer.

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    Hi @smthomp09 and welcome to the Community!

    The old editor did indeed have presentation mode and we are currently preparing the feature for release in the new editor by the end of this quarter.

    Unfortunately, there's no way to access the old editor. I'm sorry if this is disappointing for you!




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    Hello @smthomp09 welcome to the community.

    I'm sure @Miša or @Andrew Lapidus will contact you personally to work out a solution for you. Be aware of any direct contact by any of them in the coming 24 hours.

    Best regards.

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    I was looking for exactly the same- ability to export to PowerPoint then use the functionality in a recording withing powerpoint. Still trying to figure out if this is achievable before I upgrade.