New: Embed a Mind Map the Community

Andrew Lapidus
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Hi all! 👋

I wanted to quickly let our community know about a new feature available in these forums: you can now embed any public mind map in a post! Check out my meeting minutes template below:

How to embed a map in a community post:

  1. Publish your map and retrieve its embed code.
  2. Create a post or comment in these forums.
  3. Click the <> button located just below the text field of your post (next to the paperclip).
  4. Paste your map's embed code into the field.
  5. Delete the width height and frameBorder values from your embed code.
  6. Click Insert.

That's it! We're very excited about this feature, so try it our yourself in the comments and share your favorite public maps below! If you're having any trouble, don't hesitate to reach out!