Are links clickable in PDF-export from MindMeister?

Harro Teeuw
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In PDF-export from MindMeister, I can click on a link to a YouTube-movie and get direct access. Links to other websites or other MeindMeister mindmaps are only accessible through the link-overview in an extra PDF-page underneath the original graphical mindmap.

Is this a bug, how can I acces these links directly from the first page: the graphical mindmap in PDF-file?


Now, some time after my initial question, I've noticed that links are handled as attachments.... Would it be possible to create a text or image that -when clicked- leads directly to a website or file, instead of a link-icon which leads to an attachment?

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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi Harro and welcome to the Community!

    What you've described is correct. It is only possible to click on links to YouTube videos from the mind map PDF export. The other attachments or links are not clickable.

    You can only access the other links by clicking on them from the list of links below the mind map. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient!

    Feel free to add your suggestion to our Feature Ideas category though 😃.




  • SusieNico
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    Hey :)


    I use mind maps a lot - quite often for gathering resources and publications together in one place. I usually screen shot an image of a resource, then link to that webpage, so people get the visual and the practical info.

    I would like to include a print out of that resource list for a publication I'm doing, but when it downloads as PDF, it doesn't keep the hyperlinks to websites.

    Any ideas?! Anyway how to do it?


    Susie Nico

  • SusieNico
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    I can see the answer now....but where exactly is the list of links, 'underneath'? Is it in the pdf download when the text gets put underneath in a list?

    Thanks 🙏

  • VanishingHat
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    Yes, right now I believe the only way to have clickable PDF links in an export is in the outline which appears after the map. I thought I heard that it was planned to change this? But I couldn't find the feature request so maybe I'm wrong. Any info @Miša ?

  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @SusieNico!

    As @VanishingHat said, the links 'underneath' are the links in the long list in the PDF below your mind map.

    There's currently no plan to change this, but seems like a good request for the Feature Ideas category!