How to improve the alignment of topics?

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have a symmetrical map with 4 or 5 main topics. For those on the left I would like some control over how the child topics are laid out. This could be all to the right of the main topic or in a wheel round the main topic. Is it possible to gain some control over where a child topic sits without having to go fully manual which leads to overlaps. The example shows the layout I am trying to get away from and the one below the style I am looking for.

With the default settings and if several child topics of child topics are created I am forced to read right to left which feels a little unnatural.

Many thanks

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    Hello @Corapuna welcome to the community!

    Have you tried disabling the automatic alignment on the topics you want to arrange?

    Check this out:

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards.

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    Hi Andrés, thank you. That is not a bad solution. I am going to play with that. The issue I anticipate is that my maps are quite big and many branched so I would need to know what they looked like befoe starting.

    I would be losing most of the auto align functionality of MindMeister which is so useful. If there was a command ‘align left’ or ‘spoke alignment’ or ‘align right’ that would really help me - I guess this is more of a development request?

    This said the existing features of MindMeister are very good - I an pleased and impressed so far🙂