When using MindMeister via the MsTeams integration on a tablet, how do I add new sub topics?

Ganna EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here

I have access to the customisation toolbar and I can edit existing topics. In the MindMeister app, there is a small cross icon which appears when you click on a topic which you can use to add a topic, but this is not available in the MsTeams version. Is there another way to do it?

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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @Ganna and welcome to the Community!

    Firstly, I wanted to let you know that the MS Teams integration is about to be updated!

    Secondly, I couldn't test this out myself but I spoke with the team and they suggested two things: Do you have the big orange plus button at the top right corner? This should give you another topic. Alternatively, the little + icon that appears on the PC should also appear in the tablet when you click on a topic. It might be more tricky on touch devices, but it should still work.

    Please let me know whether any of this works or not so that I can pass feedback onto our developers 😁. If it is not working, a screen recording would be really helpful!