How to write Sub and Sup numbers like CO2 and m3 or CaCO3 correct?

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I would like to be able to use MindMeister for nate taking and writting CO2, CaCO3 or m3 is not easy. ALT + codes works but not the once make subsrcips - or at leat I haven't found the right once. Can anybody help?

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  • Emily
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    I saw these two feature requests for a similar thing:

    So it seems the subscripts aren't yet possible.

    Maybe you can upvote the feature requests and add your use case to give the Meister team more reason to develop the feature!

    Good luck!


  • Adrian Goleby
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    I ended up getting the symbol typer extension for chrome which I assigned to a shortcut (ctrl shift .) which is similar to windows' shortcut for emoji keyboard (ctrl .)

    It's extremely useful in this situation for writing subscript/superscript and special symbols! You just use tab+enter to copy it to your clipboard when you've finished finding your feet in the little window that pops up and you're good to go.

    Sometimes I'll make a palette of characters that I'm likely to keep using and paste it into an 'equations' window in my mindmap!


  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey @Adrian Goleby,

    Thanks so much for sharing this tip!