🧠 MeisterNote of the Month: Quarterly Goals [Business]

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Hi, Meister Community!

It's time for part three of our Quarterly Goals series 🎉! Today, I'll show you how we document goals and their progress to build a clear and accessible resource for our entire team.

Creating and maintaining a single source of truth means we don't lose time chasing colleagues for updates and we can instead focus more on achieving our goals 💪. Thorough documentation also serves as a learning resource for all future planning; reflecting on what went well and where we struggled helps us avoid the same mistakes next time ❌.

💡 Recognize this template? It's from @Nick Willemsens' webinar on quarterly goals! Watch it on demand here. 💡

💡Missed the quarterly goals brainstorm? Check it out here. Interested in the project board? Find it here.💡

How do we document quarterly goals with MeisterNote?

Using Sub-Pages to Create a Navigable Structure

Like our quarterly goals mind map, our note is split broadly into products and departments. Product pages are broken down further into Project Overview and Project Achievements, dividing information into what we want to do and what we've managed to do.

As you can see from the image below, this structure makes it easy to find what we're looking for, quickly:

Once within a sub-page, we use the (i) button on the right sidebar to navigate between headings. For instance, in the Project Overview sub-page, we can see the following headings:

In the Project Achievements page, we document the project description and roadmap, followed by a section detailing each achievement individually.

Using To-Do Lists to Define Actionable Items

Documenting a lot of information without establishing clear actionable items can waste time 🕥. To avoid this, we always define remaining actions that are necessary for the goal's completion in a checklist. Assigning these items to team members in MeisterTask further increases accountability.

Using Content Blocks to Emphasize Important Information

It's really easy to get lost in a block of black and white text (at least for some of us 😃), which is why we make generous use of colored content blocks. These draw attention to important information, so that we know what to focus on when looking for a quick update in a short space of time. We can simply scroll down to the colored blocks, find the essentials and save the details for later 🤩.

Get the Template!

This template can be found in the Community Templates note in MeisterNote. If you don't yet have access but would like to explore this template, please let me know in the comments and I'll give you access.

I'd love to hear what you thought of this three-part series covering how we use each of our tools to plan and achieve our quarterly goals. Please comment your feedback below 😃.

See you soon!