How to make a full backup from all boards in Meistertask?

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how is it possible to make a full backup from all boards in Meistertask?

I couldnt find anything regarding backup strategy or Snapshots in the Help Center. Maybe im a backup nerd but in case of any disaster i would like to have a backup.

Is there any best practise?

Regards, Hubertus

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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @Hubertus and welcome to the community 👋🙂

    I do absolutely understand your motivation, to create backups from all projects in a single step. You actually have to export every single/desired project, because there unfortunately is no feature for a total export (yet) available.

    Meister is of course taking data security very serious and daily backs up all of our data:

    If you would like to see a feature for a manually, total export implemented, you can of course submit a related feature request. I'd then love to support you with my vote 👍️

    Best, Jörg

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