Bug: Order in Outline view differs from export

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Hello all,

I re-ordered my top-level topic titles to match the order that I want according to the outline view. It isn't completely obvious since they are displayed in a circle around the center (if you have enough top-level topics) but it seemed to be intuitive enough (from the top-left to bottom-left, then top-right to bottom-right). So everything looks good if I look at Outline view.

However, when I export to a PDF, the order is different. Now the topic at the top-right is listed as "1." and my Introduction (topic at top-left) is "5." The ordering in the export seems to go from top-right then clockwise?

Shouldn't they be consistent?

OS: Windows 11, Browser: Edge 119

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  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @charlesjmorris ,

    thanks for reaching out! You are right, unfortunately the order doesn't match at the moment 🙈 This is a known issue and you are totally correct, it should be consistent.

    I would advise to correctly order all topics in the mind maps layout and then export it into a PDF.