Upcoming Update to the Basic Plan

Cornelia Patscheider
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We would like to inform you of some important updates to your MeisterTask Basic Plan. These changes are part of our ongoing efforts to enhance team collaboration within our tool. 

These changes only affect users with a Basic subscription! User with a Pro or Business subscription are not affected by the changes!

What is Happening?

We're updating how projects are allocated on the Basic Plan to better facilitate team collaboration and efficiency. From May 23, 2024 project access will be based on a team level rather than an individual user level.

What This Means for You and Your Team:

  • Unified Project Limit: Your team will now share access to three projects in total. This change aims to streamline collaboration and resource management across your team. (You can easily see who is on your team by going to the "My Team" section in Accounts.)
  • Access to Existing Projects: On May 23, the three oldest projects created by your team will remain active and fully accessible. Projects beyond this limit will transition to a "view-only" mode, visible in your sidebar but inactive for editing.
  • Managing Your Projects: Inactive projects can still be opened and searched, allowing you to access important information.
  • Updating Inactive Project Access: Should you archive or delete one of your active projects, the next oldest project will automatically become active.
  • Guest Role and External Projects: Projects or tasks shared with you or a team member from an external project will not impact your project limit. 

Ahead of May 23, you will be notified in MeisterTask via Banner which projects you will lose access to. In preparation, we advise you to review and archive any projects which are no longer needed. 


For this example, let’s imagine we have a team of three: Giselle, Andrea, and Manon.

Giselle’s account 

  • Active Projects: On the left sidebar, you can see that Giselle has complete access to three projects - None of them have a warning symbol beside their name. Two of these projects are team projects, while the third one has a lock symbol, indicating that it is a private project. This particular project (“City Council Planning”) is owned by another Business team, who has invited Giselle to collaborate on it.
  • Starting from May 24, Giselle will retain access to the projects called "Project Security Training," "Project Office Management," and "City Council Planning" as there is no warning symbol beside them. In general, the three earliest projects created by anyone on the team will remain available for future access for team members.
  • Warning Symbols: Giselle will have “view only” access to all projects that show a warning symbol. 
  • Summary: Giselle will keep access to all projects currently available to her. She does not have to take any action. 

Andrea’s view 

  • Active Projects: Three of the projects on the left sidebar are active and accessible, while the project "Hiring Process, Oct 2022" is grayed out, indicating that Andrea has "read only" rights. 
  • Warning Symbols: Currently, there are three projects available. These are "Project Office Management," "Project Products 2024," and "Kanban Board." Out of these three projects, two of them have a warning symbol beside them. This symbol indicates that Andrea will lose edit access to these projects starting from May 24. After that date, Andrea will have "view only" access to these two projects. 
  • Starting May 24, Andrea will have edit access to the three projects without warning symbols: “Project Office Management”, “Hiring Process”, “Project Security Training”.
  • Summary: Andrea needs to take action if he wants to maintain edit access to the two projects which have a warning symbol. He should speak with his team (Giselle & Manon) to decide which three projects would be best to keep as editable. Alternatively, the team can upgrade to the Pro Plan, which offers unlimited projects.

Manon’s View 

  • Active Projects: Manon has three active projects: “Project Mingo Bingo”, “Meeting Management”, and “Go-To-Market”. Each project has a warning symbol.
  • Warning Symbols: Manon will lose edit access to these projects. From May 23, 2024 she will only have view access to these projects.
  • From May 23, she will have edit access to the three projects that do not show a warning symbol. These are “Hiring Process”, “Project Office Management”, “Project Security Training”.
  • Summary: Manon needs to take action if she wants to retain edit access to any of the three active projects. She should speak with her team (Giselle & Andrea) to decide which three projects would be best to keep as editable. Alternatively, the team can upgrade to the Pro Plan which offers unlimited projects.

What You Can Do To Prepare

  1. Please ensure that projects that you need to edit don’t have warning symbols or banners. A warning symbol indicates that you will lose edit access to the project. 
  2. If you find a warning beside a project, take one of the following actions:
    1. Upgrade to a Pro or Business Plan to gain access to unlimited projects.
    2. Reduce the number of active projects within your team to three. You can do this by archiving or deleting any team projects which aren't essential. (Remember: You can regain access to an archived project at any time by restoring the project.) For more details, please read the FAQs here

We understand that changes like these can be significant, so if you have any questions, please let us know below. You can also check out this article for even more details about how you can prepare for this change.

Best, Cornelia 


  • Cathy Fanning
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    Excellent for external collaborators invited to share projects.


    Cathy Fanning


  • Kevin Spratt
    Kevin Spratt EN Pro Posts: 4 Beginner

    I'm confused by this, as it is my understanding that basic accounts can't join teams.

    I'd also like to express my disappointment in the complete gutting of your free product, and even the occasional features taken away from the Pro product and moved up into the more expensive Business plan. Very disappointing.