Need Help Improving Readability and Layout Flexibility in MindMeister Personal

Ashutosh Ranjan
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Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded to MindMeister Personal and have been exploring its features. However, I'm encountering a few challenges with the mind maps I've created, and I'd appreciate any advice or tips from the community. Here are the specific issues:

  1. Font Size Concerns: Despite selecting the largest available font size, the text still appears too small and is hard to read.
  2. Readability Issues: The overall readability of the content is not satisfactory. I'm looking for ways to make the text clearer and more engaging.
  3. Layout Flexibility: I'm struggling with the limited flexibility in adjusting the layout. Specifically, I'd like the text to occupy more screen space to enhance readability.

For a clearer picture, you can view the two mind maps I've posted on my LinkedIn profile.

Could anyone suggest how to better utilize MindMeister's features to address these issues? Are there specific settings or techniques that could improve the situation?