Why are symbols displaying instead of text?

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Hi I just recently noticed that there are symbols displaying in the interface that make it difficult to navigate. I thought it was a translation issue in my browser but can't seem to figure out how to adjust to English. Attached is a screenshot. Is anyone experiencing this? Is there a fix or just a bug w/ me?


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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @egangnath 👋🙂

    On what kind of device did you edit the MindMap or enter the titles? PC in Browser? Or another device like mobile phone? I guess there is a problem with the keyboard used on the device. This may be due to the coding.

    I recommend changing the texts on a PC via the browser and testing whether everything is displayed normally. Maybe @Andrew Lapidus can pass this phenomenon on to the developers. I have also heard about this from some of my clients. In that cases it was due to the keyboard of the mobile device.

    Best regards, Jörg

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi all, and thanks @Jörg Koper for the tag! Definitely agree with what Jörg said here - would be great to have this information @egangnath: were the titles edited in a browser or a mobile app?

    And also: Is the text in the map also strange? Or only the title?