Is there a way to view all the comments from my mindmap in one place?

Serenity Morat
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I have several comments on various nodes within a mind map. It can be really time consuming to go back and find that one comment I'm looking for… is there a place where I can see all of the comments at once?

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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @Serenity Morat and welcome to the community 👋🙂

    MindMeister has unfortunately no direct feature that consolidates all comments from various nodes into one view. However, there are a few strategies you can use to manage and access comments more efficiently:

    1. Search Function: Use the search feature in MindMeister to find comments by keyword. This can help you quickly locate the specific comment you need.
    2. Comments Overview: While MindMeister does not have a dedicated view for all comments, you can manually review nodes with comments by looking for the comment icon on nodes.
    3. Tagging System: Use tags in your comments to categorize them, making it easier to search for specific topics or comments.
    4. Export Mind Map: You can export your mind map, including comments, to a document format (e.g., Word or PDF). This might help you see all the comments in one place and search through them more efficiently.

    You always have the opportunity to write a feature request. I would highly recommend doing this because I find your question very interesting 👍️

    Best, Jörg

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