Link generation: How can I get a URL link which creates a new mind map?

Thomas Golger
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Hey there, I need your help as i didn't see any hint yet!

What do i want to do?

I want to integrate a link into a button on a Microsoftteams-website for creating a new mindmap. So there are problems with the integration of teams as i see in case you work with people from abbroad and different accounts. However the link should automatically open a new mindmap - it should not make a difference if he uses a different or his own private account or even if he has no account.

You should come on a new map with the logged in account in the rowser - i guess if you do not have an account, or you're not logged in you will be asked to so... however how can i create this?

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  • Thomas Golger
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    The Problem is that even within the company people have different Meister accounts....

    So people from abroad who don't have an account, for shure need to create one thats clear, however we want to make a rule that first of all projects there shall be a mindmap and then something out of teams .... the teams integration is not the best, but thats an issue of microsoft and not your fault 😜

    However i think in this way i will do a link to the which i think is then best...




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    Hello @Thomas Golger, welcome to the community.

    I've tried every trick in my hat to achieve what you described… No luck so far 👎

    The way the app works doesn't allow doing that.

    The "New Mind Map" button builds a new map ID directly, and for a second, it shows a parameter that later disappears, something like this where XXXXXXXXX is the map ID.

    So, unless one of the lobsters 🦞 tell you how to do it, I guess there's no way around it. At least, not that I know.

    This could be a great idea for those of us with affiliate links.

    Best regards.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi all! I just took a look into this internally, which actually sent me on a pretty deep dive 🎣

    @Andres D'Andrea is definitely correct - there is no way to have a link that allows users to jump straight into creating a new map (without creating an account). There have indeed been some discussions about potentially creating this ability - some other tools use this method to engage new users - but it's not yet available on MM.

    So @Thomas Golger , your teammates will still need to log in/create an account before creating a map using the Microsoft Teams integration. This should still be possible within Microsoft Teams - are you having any issues doing this?