⚡️ Introducing the MeisterHacks Badge

Miša Hennin
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A few weeks ago, we introduced our Rewards Program. Today, we're expanding it! As our users know our products inside out, we'd like to invite you to share your:

✅ Tips

✅ Tricks

✅ Advice

How to share your tips

  1. Head over to the Get Inspired category for MindMeister, MeisterTask or MeisterNote.
  2. Start a New Discussion.
  3. Add a title using the following format: "🤓 MeisterHacks: title of your tip"
  4. Write the details of your tip in the main body of the post.
  5. In the Tags box, add the tag MeisterHacks.
  6. Click Post Discussion.

Your rewards:

🥇 A badge

🥇 3 points

🥇 The warmhearted feeling of helping others 😃

Need inspiration?

😍 Using Focus Mode for Presentations

😍 Creating a Mind Map While Watching a Video

We can't wait to see all your great tips!




  • Simone H
    Simone H EN Basic, MeisterLobster Posts: 7 Active Contributor

    Loving this, thanks for sharing! 😊

  • Olaf Roeb
    Olaf Roeb EN Basic, MT Tester Posts: 121 Star Contributor

    Super great idea, love that. I really became a believer in gamification rewards over the last years, and even without I would love to see more excellent meisterhacks👍🎄