I can't change my password

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I have tried multiple times to change my password from the Mindmeister Accounts section but have continued to receive error messages. I tried copy & paste as well as keying in my old and new passwords but the changes would not go through. I also tried several different browsers. Other than going through the lost password process, does anybody have a suggestion? Thanks.

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    Hi @lanskya and welcome to the Community.

    As your request relates to your account, I've passed your request on to our Support team - they should be in touch with you shortly.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused!




  • Emily
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    If this link isn't working I think you'll probably have to follow the lost password process unfortunately. I found the link in the MindMeister Help Center but couldn't find any alternative way.

    hope this helps!

  • lanskya
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    Unfortunately the lost password process has failed me, too. I tried two times to use the lost password process but never received the expected emails from MeisterLabs. I did the obvious things too, such as looking in my Spam folders for the missing messages and checking the spelling of my email address. I used the same email address that I have always used with MindMeister. So I have tried both of the available methods to change my MindMeister password but neither has worked. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.