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Is there a bug with line colours?

NathanaelCBR Member, MT Tester Posts: 48 Star Contributor
edited February 17 in Ask the Community

It may be intended functionality but when I try to change the colour of lines often I am ignored. This seems to happen more with the Paste Style command as well as changing the colour of lines for a central or floating topic.

Central nodes seem to prefer reverting to random rainbow coloured lines. I'll often end up with lines connecting nodes and children in multiple colours either side of the expand/collapse icon.

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  • Joerg Koper
    Joerg Koper Member, DACH Partner, MT Tester Posts: 519 Community Leader
    Answer ✓

    Hi @NathanaelCBR 👋🙂

    I hope, I got you right.

    Have you tried to press CTRL and then to draw a frame around the desired nodes?


    I chose the green color for the lines

    You can press CTRL plus a, to choose all nodes (I'm sure you already know that) and then make the same settings. You can hold CTRL and select single nodes too. You may try it out and experiment a bit with it. If it is still not working for you, feel free to ask again. We'll support you with further help as good as we can 👍️

    Best, Jörg