Are the Mind Maps AODA compliant?

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Hello all!
Is the mind map tool AODA compliant?

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 ( AODA ) is intended to reduce and remove barriers for people with disabilities so that Ontario can become more accessible and inclusive for everyone.,accessible%20and%20inclusive%20for%20everyone.


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    Hey @Linda and welcome! (Thanks for the tag @Andres D'Andrea)

    I followed this up internally and found out that we're not there yet, but we've started auditing our products and we're aiming for compliance by 2025.

    I hope this helps!




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    Hello @Linda welcome to the community!

    I just spent a couple of minutes reading about AODA, specifically The Information and Communications Standards.

    Considering that organizations must make their websites, including web-based apps, accessible by featuring speech recognition, screen reading, and screen magnification solutions in their products, I guess it's better to include @Miša Hennin in this conversation to get a better answer.

    You can also check this post by @Andrew Lapidus on how neurodiverse students can use MindMeister for academic essay planning.

    Best regards.

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