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🧠 Mapped by Meister: Hiring Org Chart (HR)

Miša Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 335 Community Admin
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Hey everybody!

So far, we've looked at knowledge-sharing, event-planning and product-distributing mind map templates. Today, we're going to dive into Human Resources - a department thus far untouched. Read on to learn about how MindMeister can be used to create comprehensive hiring org charts. 

Our very own organizational guru @Anna Ksiezarczyk made this template as part of the Hiring Process Workflow (the rest of which I'll share with you in the coming weeks 👀). The org chart showcases how HR departments across a variety of industries could use MindMeister to establish and enforce their company structure 📈.

With its visual representation of roles, responsibilities and relationships, this org chart can be used to improve team performance, as a personnel directory and for better planning processes.

You can explore Anna's mind map here. If you've got questions or feedback, we'd love to hear in the comments below 😊.

Make sure you keep checking the comments for this template's highlights!


  • Anna Ksiezarczyk
    Anna Ksiezarczyk Member, MeisterLobster Posts: 3 Success Manager

    Hi @Jörg Koper , thank you for your feedback! 😍 Did you notice how the MeisterTask integration was used to turn one of the ideas into an actionable task in the Hiring Process project? 👀 I can't say enough how much I love this functionality! 💓

    Check it out yourself: Open the Hiring Org Chart template, find the Customer Success department and the list of employees in the Low-Touch Team. The integration was used within the idea called - "Customer Success Manager - Junior". 

    Isn't that great? 😎

  • Jörg Koper
    Jörg Koper Consultant & Coach Hannover & HamburgMember, DACH Partner Posts: 287 Mastermind

    Hi @Anna Ksiezarczyk, very well done 👍️ I see a lot of opportunities with the new integration and I like your example project 😉


    Als Experten-Partner von Meister führe ich in meiner Agentur u. a. Workshops für die Integration der Meister Software durch. Hier in der Community freue ich mich auf den Austausch mit Euch und helfe bei Fragen zu MeisterTask, MindMeister und MeisterNote gerne weiter.

    Weitere Informationen findest du auf agenturkoper.de

  • Anna Ksiezarczyk
    Anna Ksiezarczyk Member, MeisterLobster Posts: 3 Success Manager

    @Jörg Koper That's great to hear! 🎉 Feel free to try it out, and don't forget to share some examples - we'd love to see how others work with the MeisterTask integration❣️

  • Miša
    Miša Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 335 Community Admin

    Pyramid Structure Showing Both Hierarchical and Departmental Organization

    @Anna Ksiezarczyk uses a clever pyramid structure to reflect the structural organization of the company (i.e. the traditional business structure). At the top of the org chart (and company) are the C-level executives. They are followed by the head ofs and team leads. Finally, the lowest and widest base is composed of senior/ intermediate/junior employees. This visual structure makes it easy to understand company hierarchies and chains of command.

    Additionally, within this vertical structure, the org chart is split horizontally by department. For an overview of the departments at the company, employees can glance at the floating topic at the top of the mind map. The floating topic clarifies which departments form the company, completing the comprehensive org chart. 

  • Miša
    Miša Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 335 Community Admin

    Using a Customized Color, Shape and "Show as Boundary" Feature to Highlight Open Positions

    Within Customer Success, there is a vacancy for the role of Junior CSM. Anna has indicated this by using a distinct color, shape and boundary for the topic. 

    As you can see from the small icons on the bottom right, Anna has added comments and notes to this topic with more information on the vacant role and updates on hiring. She has also linked this topic to a task, utilizing the MeisterTask integration. We will look at the integration in more depth next week, so don't forget to check back in!

  • Miša
    Miša Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 335 Community Admin
    edited December 2022

    Using the MeisterTask Integration to Link to Open Positions in a Hiring Board

    As discussed above, the org chart shows a vacancy for Junior CSM. This vacancy was created by the CS Low-Touch Lead to inform the People & Culture department about the need for a new employee. Crucially, this org chart topic links to a task in the hiring project board so that it can be used to track the entire hiring process, from the creation of a job ad to successful hire.